The Abandoned 6

DAISY CENTRE AND SCHOOL, BUKURA            April 16, 2020


The ‘A6’ is the nickname Carolyne Daisy gave to the six children abandoned by their parents and who later landed in the hands of a very elderly man, Peter and his wife in Butere sub-county. Peter had converted their small house into a children’s ‘home’ and named it Butere Community Rehabilitation Center, without the required legal documents. Surprisingly, the local Kenyan Children’s Office took abandoned children to the ‘home’ yet they knew very well the couple didn’t have the required facilities and resources for running a children’s home. The couple started the ‘home’ in 2015 with 1 child and to date there are 13 children (boys and girls) between the age of 2 and 16 years. The 13 children share a single room with only 4 beds. Others sleep on the floor. Peter is nicknamed ‘Stima’ (Electricity) because of his hot temper and violent nature towards his wife, who is the only source of hope, love and peace for the children.


On 3rd April, 2020, Carolyne received a call from Annette, the Coordinator of Children with Disabilities Office in Butere sub-county, inviting her to the ‘Children’s Home’. This is after the coordinator had received complaints from a concerned colleague who regularly visited the home for routine quality inspection and found the environment falling short of the required standards for child safety, health and care. Carolyne changed her schedule and went with Annette to visit the Butere Community Rehabilitation Center. What Carolyne witnessed at the Center made her shed lots of tears till her eyes turned sore. The children were hungry, malnourished, sickly (several with signs of malaria) and some were infested with jiggers. All shared a history of abandonment, neglect and abuse. They appeared to have gone for several days without food, a situation that drove them into trespassing on neighboring farms to ‘scavenge’ for food or edibles. The unforgiving neighbors normally beat them whenever they found them on their farms. One of the girls, who was initially living with her grandfather, was sexually abused by Peter’s grandson. Due to the hostile environment the children were living in, the Butere sub-county children’s officer requested that Carolyne take them to Daisy School for safe custody and care. Carolyne agreed to take 6 of them who appeared most vulnerable. They are now adjusting to life at the school and making new friends as the Daisy staff tries to discover their abilities/talents and attend to their nutritional and medical needs.  These children are:

  1. Elizabeth Kanini – 13 years and currently in grade 7.
  2. Daisy Neema – 9 years and currently in grade 3. This girl is very confident, courageous and a born leader.
  3. Cynthia Andeso – 8 years and currently in grade 2.
  4. Everlyne Quinter – 5 years and currently in Pre-primary 1 (PP1).
  5. Blessing Achieng – 3 years and set to join baby class (Play group).
  6. John Jummu – 4 years and set to join baby class (Play group).

The information we received was that the children did not go to school regularly even though they had been enrolled in a public school.

We also do not have proper paperwork to show age, right spelling for the children’s names, the relative’s whereabouts and places of origin. We do not have a full and accurate report.

These children are currently staying at the Daisy Gardner Granny Home and look very promising with the potential to make it in life if they get support for their physical, emotional, health and educational needs. Some of them are still suffering from trauma caused by the physical, sexual and emotional abuse they encountered in the hands of their parents/relatives.


This report is to seek help and financial support for these abandoned children as they do not have a person to call Mom or a place to call home. They need protection, love, security, basic needs, medical attention and education. The cost to attend to their various medical needs, provide food and clothing, lodging and school fees through December, 2020, is estimated at $5100. See the budget at the end of the report. Your contributions are urgently needed and greatly appreciated.


Background of the Children as We Currently Understand It

ELIZABETH KANINI, age 13                

Elizabeth has been at the Butere Community Rehabilitation Center since 2015. She was initially living at Bishop Opera Children’s Home in Nairobi after being abandoned by her drunkard mother in a washroom. To date, she does not know the way to her home. She was later moved to Butere under unclear circumstances. As a teenager, she is more vulnerable to abuse and that’s why she was moved to Daisy for safe custody, care and protection. She is average academically and aspires to be a pilot or lawyer when she grows up. Elizabeth is HIV/AIDS positive.


DAISY NEEMA, age 9                                                                                           

Daisy was abandoned in Busashi area in Butere sub-county. The case was reported to the Butere police station after which the child was placed under the custody and care of Butere Community Rehabilitation Center. This girl is sharp, courageous, confident and exhibits leadership qualities. She is above average academically and aspires to be a Medical Doctor when she grows up.



Cynthia was defiled by her uncle when she was staying with her grandfather. Her father is alive and working in Nairobi, but he deserted and neglected his daughter. He never comes home and nobody knows his whereabouts. This prompted the Children’s Office to place her under the care and custody of Butere Community Rehabilitation Center.





EVERLYNE QUINTER, age 5          

Everlyne and her sister Blessing were abandoned by their mother at Khwisero in a home where she had gone to seek assistance. The owner of the home where the children had been abandoned reported the matter to the Khwisero Police station. The children were then placed at the Butere Community Rehabilitation Center for safe custody where they were subjected to more suffering due to the owner!


BLESSING ACHIENG, age 3                                

Blessing and her sister Everlyne were abandoned by their mother at Khwisero in a home she had gone for assistance. Her history is the same as her sister Everlyne, above. Unlike the other children of her age, Blessing uses her eyes to communicate her feelings. One needs wisdom to know whether she is hungry, sick or in discomfort. She has never been to school and does not behave like other children of her age.



John was abandoned at Kakamega General Hospital on 28th October, 2019 by his parent(s). This case was reported to the Kakamega Central Police station. The child had been physically molested subjecting him to back and head injuries and was admitted to the hospital, treated and discharged. His parents could not be located, which prompted the Children’s Office to transfer him to the Butere Community Rehabilitation Center. The marks of the healing wounds are still visible on the boy’s body. John has never been to school, maybe because of the physical injuries that slowed down his development. The boy is very joyful and fun to have around but is still learning how to speak and walk.


After careful assessment of the children, we identified these short and longer term needs:


Short term needs

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Medical attention/treatment
  4. Counselling
  5. Legal custody process
  6. Birth certificates
  7. Official transfer from their previous schools


Longer term needs

  1. Education
  2. Boarding requirements
  3. Food
  4. School uniforms
  5. Medical attention/treatment





Prepared by Andrew Onyino, Daisy Accountant 16-Apr-20
    Kshs. $
1 Bed sheets pair 1,000 6 6,000 60
2 Mattresses pc 2,500 6 15,000 150
3 Mosquito nets pc 5,000 6 30,000 300
4 Food month 7,600 9 68,400 684
5 Rain jackets & clothes pax 3,000 6 18,000 180
6 Medical + Counselling month 5,000 9 45,000 450
7 School uniforms pax 7,200 6 43,200 432
8 Stationeries pax 3,000 6 18,000 180
 – Elizabeth Kanini 49,600 1 49,600 496
 – Daisy Neema 41,200 1 41,200 412
 – Cynthia Andeso 41,200 1 41,200 412
 – Everlyne Quinter 38,400 1 38,400 384
 – Blessing Neema 38,400 1 38,400 384
 – Joy Jumma 38,400 1 38,400 384
10 Educational tours 6 pax 20,000 1 20,000 200
TOTAL 510,800 5,108


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