How Sponsoring A Child Works

We have many different sponsorship opportunities.  You can fully sponsor a child, be an education sponsors, a medial care or food sponsor.  If you are interested in more information about how you can lift the life of a child, click the link below.

Sponsorship Options

Meets all medical, food, housing, and primary education requirements for a single child.  Sponsors a child with all necessities to be healthy and educated.

Your investment provides a healthy meal of rice, beans, vegetables, fruit, and occasional beef. Your contribution will eliminate the fear associated with food insecurity and allow a child to be nourished and focus on their growth and education.

Primary school education in Kenya is up to 8th grade.  The funds you donate will cover fees for the uniforms, fees, books, and school supplies for a child’s education at the Daisy School.

A medical sponsorship provides both routine medical care and advanced medical care for those requiring special attention. Your medical partnership provides the best care available to help children stay healthy and thrive.