Sponsorship Candidates

Below are the profiles of the sponsorship candidates.

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Name: Hope Grace Anyembe
Age: 11 (09/09/2009) 

Hope is the third born in the family. The family lives together and the father is the sole breadwinner of the family, who works as a waiter in Nairobi Kenya to make ends meet, he uses his meagre earnings to support the kids and wife in the village.

The lockdown in Nairobi and the closing of eateries and restaurants due to COVID19 since last year has crippled his ability to provide for his family in the village and the wife’s subsistence farming alone cannot sustain the family, let alone pay Hope’s fees. Thus the request for assistance.

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Name: Anne Patience
Age: 6 (07/25/2014) 

Anne’s father is not employed and has no reliable job, He does casual jobs known as jua kali, her mother is a house wife at home taking care of the children and the home, She does subsistance farming to feed the family

The father’s odd jobs are the only source of tangible income and the sole source of Anne’s school fees and it being unreliable means Anne’s fees aren’t always paid on time, sometimes it goes completely unpaid

New Project

Name: Kelvin Ambeva
Age: 6 

Kelvin is a very strong and playful boy. he has one brother who is still a toddler. The father is a shamba man and also sells groundnuts at athe nearby Bukura  market. His farm work and groundnut hawking are the only  source of income the family depends on to eat and pay school fees for Kelvin.

Kelvin’s family lives on less than a dollar a day . on some days Kelvin has spend’s the whole day with one meal and that meal is either maize meal porridge or black tea without sugar. The sale Groundnuts selling is not earning the family enough income to sustain  both the family needs and school needs for Kelvin, the needs  being books, uniform and school fees.

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Name: Blessing Ashuma
Age: 12

Blessing is a lovely and a respectful girl in grade two and who loves school. Currently she is staying with her grandmother in a village in Bukura. She has never really been with her parents. Her father works Nairobi and does odd jobs. Blessing’s mother passed away while delivering. Blessing had three siblings and from those two died and now Blessing and the brother are the only ones surviving. The mother was the family’s sole bread winner from her work as a saloonist she provided for the family and keep them in school.

They were living in Nairobi and also blessing was learning in a school in Nairobi. When the mother died they couldn’t afford to stay in Nairobi  and so the father brought them to their granny. The brother was taken in  by a relative and they rarely see each other.

The grandmother is the one who pays for her school fees through borrowing. Blessing’s  the life changed after her mother passed away, Blessing is still grieving as the grandmother informs us that she had a very close bond with the mother.

Sponsorship Options

Meets all medical, food, housing, and primary education requirements for a single child.  Sponsors a child with all necessities to be healthy and educated.

Your investment provides a healthy meal of rice, beans, vegetables, fruit, and occasional beef. Your contribution will eliminate the fear associated with food insecurity and allow a child to be nourished and focus on their growth and education.

Primary school education in Kenya is up to 8th grade.  The funds you donate will cover fees for the uniforms, fees, books, and school supplies for a child’s education at the Daisy School.

A medical sponsorship provides both routine medical care and advanced medical care for those requiring special attention. Your medical partnership provides the best care available to help children stay healthy and thrive.