Meet The A-6

I made it to the school just in time for supper. Sharing a meal with the A6 as I got to know them was amazing. I was tickled by the fact that Cynthia didn’t fancy greens. She actually reminded me of little me many years back.


It’s already 1 year since they were rescued and brought to Daisy Centre and School Bukura. Let me introduce you to these amazing children:

From Left to right: Daisy, Cynthia, Quinter, Blessing and Elizabeth (The sixth child is not pictured above. His name is Johny)


How did they acquire the name ‘A6’? This stands for Abandoned Six. Last year, just when the COVID-19 Pandemic had just hit Kenya in the month of March, Carolyne and her husband Lindon were led to a children’s home where they found a number of neglected children. Without thinking twice, they took six of them into their care, despite the uncertain times the world was facing.

Most of these children that were present in the children’s home had been found in nearby towns after being abandoned by their parents/guardians. One could think this was a blessing but far from it. The same people who were in the home to help them ended up defiling them instead. Cynthia was defiled and the offender was taken to court. Sadly, he was released due to lack of evidence. Moreover, Cynthia neither received treatment, nor counseling. Similar stories have come from the other children.

Below are some pictures of the children on the day they were rescued:

Johny Before Adoption
Johny After Adoption
Cynthia Before Adoption
Cynthia After Adoption
Blessing Before
Blessing After








It has been a year of growth, learning as well as unlearning for these little angels. Carolyne managed to locate Johny’s grandfather thus his absence when I visited. He had gone to visit him and will return. Some of the children do not know where they came from but are glad to finally have a place they can call home. Daisy Centre and School Bukura has, by the grace of God, been able to meet their basic needs and gone further to provide them with education. Daisy and Quinter would like to be doctors when they grow up, Elizabeth would like to be a nurse, Cynthia a police woman and last but not least, Blessing is yet to decide, though she doesn’t mind owning a shop with lots of goodies.

We concluded our meet-and-greet session by sharing some bananas we had bought on our way to the school.

There was lots of fun and laughter. The Principal, Madam Christine, joined us on our final picture below:

Far Left: Carolyne (Founder). Far Right (Christine (Principal). At the back: Anne (Me).

I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit. Next time I will enlighten you on a different group of children.

Compiled by

Anne Obure

Board of Directors – Daisy Centre and School Bukura

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