About Us


Daisy Centre and School is a non-profit oriented organization that offers Quality and Affordable Education for the transformation of the life of Children in Kenya.

The School was founded by Carolyne Daisy Ashiono in 2013 as a way of giving back to the society that believed and invested in her.  The School has been in operation for the last 5 years, recruiting pupils within Kenya.


The quality education offered has enabled Daisy to be consistently ranked top in the larger Butere Sub County. In most external exams done, the school is always ranked in the top two positions. Year 2017 was the first time the school registered her pioneer candidates for the national Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams and posted outstanding results, a mean score of 341.41 marks, with all the 21 candidates registered passing and selected to join very good Extra County and County schools. This excellent performance put the school at position 1 at the sub county level.

Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to be the leading provider of holistic education
to girls in a manner that will enable them to grow into respected and responsible
women who are adequately empowered to live better lives and actively take part
in nation-building.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to transform the life of girl-child in Kenya and raise
a generation of self-reliant women with high moral standards, exceptional intelligence, and unquestionable integrity.

Our Philosophy

It is our conviction that women are the fundamental pillars of every
human society. They are capable of achieving intellectual, economic and leadership independence. All we need to do; is give them a chance at the right time by equipping them with the right form of education in an enabling environment that will help unlock their potential to

Core Values

Education is a collective responsibility beyond the rationales
of an individual. It calls for unity, understanding and a common desire to empower a young generation so that our girls can help change the world into a better place by spearheading the fight against illiteracy, poverty, disease and corruption. As such, we endeavor to be the role models in upholding the virtues
1. Honesty


1. To identify educational gaps among girls in Kenya and provide
them with the opportunity to achieve intellectual excellence.

2. To provide shelter, clothing, food and moral support to needy
girls within the school going age so that they can explore their potential
towards achieving individual dreams.

3. To raise a hardworking and civilized generation of girls whose
passion for academic excellence is motivated by the result-oriented attitude, the consistency of purpose and determination of the